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Why The Name? 🤔

Armed? Sounds a bit scary huh? “Don’t be afraid!” There’s a lot behind the name! When you “wear” spiritual items, in essence, you’re arming (protecting) yourself. When you use our items (Florida water, sage, palo santo) you’re primarily using them for peace, prosperity, protection etc.; therefore you’re equipping yourself. Being armed is an essential part of self defense. You’re choosing to incorporate spirituality as a defense!  Also, when you gain knowledge and incorporate what you know and learn into your daily life, you subsequently become powerful. You are powerful! Arming yourself with knowledge is key! Spirituality is POWER! “There are no formulas to make you happy & prosperous in life or love; Only tools to aid you along your journey. You have to work hard for what you want in life & in love! You are the potion!” We’re more than happy to provide the tools because after all, you’re family! STAY ARMED!